The Legend O’ Buksnort

Every puppeh name has SOME sort of history behind it. Take…Buksnort for example! Cuteporter Chelsea R. explains:

“He was named on a road trip when I was first told I could get a puppy and somewhere in Nebraska we passed a sign that said “Visit the Historical Pub Bucksnort.”

“His favorite activities include chewing on sticks, following other cute puppies on Instagram, chewing on boots and assisting his daddy in the photo studio.”

Photo May 07, 3 09 14 PM
Photos by Mommy and Daddy!



  1. Cute little guy! I hope you have many happy years together.

    Is that a Washington State Ferry in the top photo? If so, I may see Buksnort on a boat some day.

  2. Oh my goodness. He is absolute perfection!
    Great name, but I’d just like to call him MINE!

  3. Kitty Davenport says:


    I appreciate a unique dog name. I have a mini dachshund named Dokidokiyummychums and a cat named That Particular Pussycat (or PPKitty for short).

  4. Mikeyfur says:

    What breed is the little snorter? I’m guessing Klee Kai????

  5. What a handsome puppy! I want, I want.

  6. Looks like a husky. They are my absolute fave! He’s awesome!

  7. Killer Klown says:

    I’m thinking Klee Kai too, yeah.

  8. How about a Rat Terrier called Art Rat The Dog? We just lost him two weeks ago and he’s was 20 years old!

  9. that’s right!

  10. whatthelump says:

    Call me inappropriate, but he looks positively hawt in that 2nd photo!

  11. OllieFee says:

    Love dem huskies!!

  12. Adorable 🙂