Taro Leaves ‘Em In A Cloud O’ Dust!

Ever seen a Chinchilla take a Dust Bath? Epic Cute. Take ‘er away, Taro!




C/o Scott from ChinTubeHD.



  1. mollykubik says:

    So vivid I felt the need to sneeze!

  2. Rachael says:

    Come to my house, chinchin! I have enough dust to last you a lifetime. 🙂

  3. And now the ship has a half-pound of dust, because the other pound is all over the room.

  4. Malinki says:

    Is Chin’s name DeLorean?

  5. JenDeyan says:

    To be fair, a chinchilla doing anything is epic cute. ^_^

  6. Do you have to buy special dust for chillies to bathe in? what’s it made of? Where do you get it?

  7. Night Owl says:

    Now I need to see a rabbit take a dust bath, just so I could call him a dust bunny.

  8. annette says:

    Neo, I wondered the same, and a bit of Googling shows that yes, it’s special dust. Here’s more info:
    I assume you can buy it wherever chinchillas are sold 😉 … and, of course, Amazon.