It’s A Dog’s Life, And We Like It

Kita doesn’t have a care in the world except where the next tennis ball is going to come from after she slobbers this one to death.

She’s what you might call….happy. Yeah, that’s it.

“I work in a warehouse and she gets to come to work with me. Every now and then she stops in the middle of chasing the tennis ball to flop around in the grass with joy. I love C.O.- I check in at least twice a day for my happy breaks!” -Julie S.



  1. That made me happy just watching! What a sweet happy puppers! With a rubber spine, I might add!

  2. Shake that thing Sister!

  3. My Dash, also a Border Collie, does this with his toy on the living room carpet 😀

  4. Pandamom says:

    Panda says it’s a five step process: chase, fetch, roll, slobber and gnaw. Repeat until the human gives up. BLISS!