Do You Think It’s For me?

Prosh Raspberry. The newest shade from Maybunlinne.

Via YouTube.



  1. excused me for a second…


    …okay I think I’m better now

  2. 6rabbits says:

    Either those are extra large raspberries or an extra small bun!

  3. sabrina rose says:

    Looks like a little kid playing with Mommy’s lipstick! Very cute.

  4. Brrraaaaiiiiiinnnnnnsssss?

  5. kmccreary60 says:

    What a beautiful bunny. And I love the red, red, lips. Perfect. Just made me smile.

  6. whatthelump says:

    Adorable! But I’m now having flashbacks to the dog with the Joker smile…

  7. Agent99 says:


  8. Oh grrrll, that shade of lipstick is sooo you!

  9. OMG this is so cute *squee*

  10. roberts says:

    It kind of reminds me of the rabbit from Monty Python…