Animal Song

Some of our animal friends have hidden talents, as evidenced in this video! Did you know these guys could be so off-key musical?

As seen on Stuff I Stole From The Internet.



  1. Avocado says:


  2. LOL! I love it! More, more!!

  3. TheShazz says:

    “Goooooaaat” For some reason, this post just hit my funny bone

  4. GOAT! LOL

  5. Totally hilarious…….laughed my head off…watched 3x over.

  6. Mplsdeb says:

    The goat….perfect.

  7. Hey, the hippo’s voice isn’t half bad..!

  8. sabrina rose says:

    Adorable plus hysterical – I loved it!!! Great imagination and humor!

  9. Laura DragonWench says:

    I started watching the video slightly bemused and wondering when it would get more than mildly amusing. And then… “Gooooaaatttt!” I laughed so hard, I wheezed. Especially when hippo told goat to shut up because he was ruining it. I need to watch it again, but I’m afraid of my head popping off from the force of my laughter. 😀