In Which The Little Knucklehead Gets A Name

“Following up to let you know that the pupster – formally known as PUPPY PUPPY PUPPY!! – has been named…drumroll please…Stanley! (AKA Stannie, Stannis, Stanner, Stan Man, Stan Lee (of Marvel fame) little monkey, etc. etc.) HUGE thanks to the Cute Overload crowd for their multitude of excellent suggestions!! It was so much fun reading them all.”

“P.S. While the cats remain annoyed, I feel we are on the cusp of a détente. Dare to dream. -Joanna C.”



  1. paula fisicaro says:

    i have a good friend named stanley – what a great name!

  2. If he is one of a kind, and likes to play with baseballs, it should be Stan the Man!