HOW Do They DO It? HOW? HOW? HOW? (Shakes Fist At Sky)

Japan can make ANYTHING cute. Let’s flashback a bit.

*Travel agency just for stuffies? Check.

*Cat cafe? Sure thing, boss.

*Train stations? Why not?

*Hamster houses? Got ’em right ‘chere.

*Little Pikachu dudes? Yep.

*Buses with Teddy Bear Fur? In your face.

*Whoops, almost forgot these ridiculous Pokemon cars. That’s right, I said POKEMON CARS.

And they never let up.

With that said…..

– Andrew Y. (he really did find THIS one) sent us this ‘TocketNews24 link on Cute Food. (Hover deets from RN too.) Munch ’em or cuddle ’em—your call.






image003 (1)

And of course we have some helpful How-To videos:

[NOTE: Headline homage to MF. -Ed.]



  1. Copperbat says:

    I want Rilakkuma and Totoro macarons for breakfast!

  2. Loved listening to the little ones in the background. But now I’m wondering what kind of a Mom was: My baking definitely did not rate highly on the Qte-O-meter.

  3. AWW 😀 I could not eat the kitty ones 😀 They are too cute 😀

  4. Saffron says:

    WANT. Want. WANT!

  5. Andrew says:

    I want them all 😀
    But I wouldn’t eat them XD I’d just want to keep them

  6. Smartypants says: