[More ducks today? Yes. It’s DUCK-tastic! It’s the way we roll! -Ed.]

I swear this may be the cutest video that C.O. has ever posted.

It just…might be. Franklin.

FRANKLIN FAVE FRAME™: Left a little something (@ :29) by the Command key, did we? Well, that’s what the Genius Bar™ is for.

“Franklin the special needs call duckling enjoying a life of luxury.” -Kaitlyn H.

3:25pm PT: Kaitlyn UPDATE!
“He has what I call a “wonky” bill, that I noticed when he was a few days old. His bottom bill is developing normally, but the top one is kind of bent and stunted, giving him an underbite. You can really see it in the last clip on the video, and it’s hard to see unless you look at him straight on. He was also the only duckling from his clutch to hatch, and he needed to be assisted (common with the breed.) So, he’s my little buddy :). I’m currently looking for one or two call ducklings in the area so that he can have more duck friends, but they’re pretty hard to find.”

4:14pm PT: Vanessa UPDATE!
Vanessa wants the Franklin song. OK then. Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac.)
“Franklin the Duckling”



  1. Malinki says:

    Doesn’t everyone do that to Macs?

  2. Why is he a special needs duckling?

  3. Cranky Amy says:


  4. Brinke says:

    @Jodi You know, I wondered that myself. Let me find out.

  5. Thanks @Brinke!

  6. Brinke says:

    @Jodi @ Cranky: UPDATE ACTION!

  7. Cranky Amy says:

    Thanks Kaitlyn & Brinke!

  8. i aDORE tha way he dashes thru the grass!

  9. Vanessa says:

    Must download the “Franklin” song!

  10. Brinke says:

    @Vanessa…oh, U want the Franklin song, do you? U got it! UPDATED!!

  11. “Hey its Franklin” is the theme song by Canadian superstar Bruce Cockburn for the animated TV show “Franklyn The Turtle” (based on the series of kids’ books of the same name)- and BTW Franklin the turtle is pretty cute too

  12. Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!!

  13. Rixraxmarie says:

    That little fellow is very adorable, but it did make me wonder–are ducks toilet trainable?

  14. Thanks too to Kaitlyn!

  15. Kaitlyn says:

    *Franklin’s mom here* I don’t think you can really toilet train them, but I know a gal who makes diapers/harnesses specifically for pet ducks who want to roam the house 🙂