Poll: Best Animal Name Ever?

Personally, I always go for “Wombat.” It’s just funny. But there’s another candidate brought to our attention by Tracey M. “So devilishly cute, makes me think it was born in Japan. But no, it was at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo. Four hooves will fit on a Canadian dollar – ahn.” Who’s she talkin’ ’bout?

The Klipspringer.

Say it out loud. Do it right now. We’ll wait.


Doesn’t it make you smile? Of course. So what’s the better name, Klipspringer or Wombat? Take the Poll! BTW, this very Klipspringer needs its own name!

So that’s one of our candidates, and LOOK OUT ’cause here comes the other.



  1. murkle46 says:


  2. Ring-tailed bandicoot has always been a personal favorite. Wombat is a very close second, though. When lacking a ring-tailed bandicoot, I always go with the wombat.

  3. Try saying “kinkajou” without smiling.

  4. Kristen says:

    What about yellow bellied sapsuckers?

  5. 260Oakley says:

    Dik-Dik. A dik-dik telling a knock-knock would make me ha-ha even if the joke was so-so.

  6. moonsilver says:

    Platypus, Hands down.

  7. I’m fond of one of the nicknames for the Japanese ermine, okojo – they’re called ‘mountain fairies.’ LOVE it.

  8. Rhonda B. says:

    It looks like a reindeer so I vote for Rudolph.

  9. Rhonda B. says:

    For the wombat I would have to go with Waffles. Yes, Waffles the wombat.

  10. Coatamundi!

  11. blue footed booby!

  12. Yes-yes, 260Oakely

  13. Le Bookiniste says:


  14. I’m going to have to second blooper0223’s kinkajou. I really can’t think of anything better.

  15. turtleturtleturtle3 says:

    I’m partial to turtle 🙂

  16. Wildebeest. Hands down. Still, “Klipspringer”…

  17. Laura Noesta says:


  18. Smartypants says:

    “Porcupette” (bebeh porcupine)!

  19. It is awfully cute but I doubt it would fit all 4 hooves on a Canadian dollar but I’m willing to volunteer to try it. I’ll provide the Looney just send me the Klipspringer.

  20. I don’t know about the best animal name but the WORST animal name has to be the nutria. Whoever came up with the name nutria is stupid. It sounds like a dietary supplement, not an animal.

  21. Narwhal

  22. mollykubik says:

    Snuffalopagus (sorry about the spelling, I was too old to watch Sesame Street)

  23. Binturong

  24. prinsas says:

    platypus. like this is a contest 🙂

  25. prinsas says:

    wee deer + bunny = klipspringer on cuteness scale