Leave It 2 The Beavers!

“Here are orphaned baby beavers Fern & Lily during their first supervised outdoor playtime at ARC for Wildlife in Texas,” says Cuteporter KB.


“They’re 8 and 9 weeks old and although they’re not siblings, they’re best buds.”


“These two have just started to chew on willow trees a bit but they’re still babies who need their bottle – as you can see in this photo.”

“Unlike most orphaned wild animals that rehabbers handle minimally…”

“…orphaned baby beavers needs loads of attention…”

“..And they even have temper tantrums when they don’t get their way.”





  1. Seeing these cuties, I totally get why the beaver is the providence animal where I live!

  2. Kristin says:

    Can we please get a Cutehance on the bebeh beaver smile in pic #2?

  3. Tried for the Cute Enhance–came out tooooooo blurry~

  4. jlamusings says:

    Is that TEENY TINY patio furniture out there too? so they can sit out on their lawn and have a chat over a cup of tea? :^_^

  5. Wow they are too cute!!

  6. orcgirl says:

    Totally the reason I am not a wildlife rehabber is that I would never give them back….They would ALL BE MINE! Bwahahahahahah! Ok, seriously, it’s cause I’m a total sucker for cute furry faces.

  7. I will give them LOADS of attention!!! GIMME!!!!

  8. I love you, tiny beavs.

  9. Smartypants says:

    Love the smile in Pic #2 – she’s clearly been taking lessons from some quokkas!

  10. LOL look at the one trying to talk to the “bunnies”

  11. Cynthia M says:

    “Attention must be paid.” To borrow a line from “Death of a Salesman.” And I would pay a lot for these cuties!