Peeps, Sorry to Keep Knocking You Senseless, REALLY

But, ya’ll keep coming back and telling us you can handle it…

(Ha, ha, ha! You say it like you believe it!)

Via Erich in Florida’s Imgur.



  1. OMG! Eeeeee! The paws, the tummy, the snooziness!

  2. Kitteh Belleh!!!! SO fulz!

  3. Giant toe beanz! Awwwwwww! ::bites screen::

  4. Mary (the first) says:

    We thought we could handle it but who could have imagined .. THAT ?!?! This is beyond redonkulously cute!! omg.

  5. JenDeyan says:

    Fuzzeh belleh! *faint*

  6. I want to bury my face in that tum-tum.

  7. Rachael says:

    The belleh, people, the belleh!!! *thud*

  8. Cuteoverload, why you be KILLING me?

  9. Saffron says:


  10. SAA1451 says:

    Snorgle that belleh now–while you still can!

  11. Norbertsmom says:

    I wish I could like all of your posts, but alas the powers at CO will not allow (so now I has a sad 😦 )

  12. Those aren’t even toebeans anymore, they’re toenchiladas… toepierogies… toepotroasts… toepetit-fours… toebrandybeans… so big, so nibble-able.

  13. Kristen says:

    Can’t decide whether I want to blow on that precious belleh or use it as a pillow! It is soooo tempting!
    Strangely, now I want a puppy.

  14. twocityshibas says:

    *stands in line for belleh snorgle*

  15. Mingles' Mommy says:

    OH. MY. GOD. There is a heaven on earth…. I WANT TO GO TO THERE.


  17. Rachael says:

    I think Liz has given this toebean thing a lot of thought. I must remember to keep my feet fully covered should I ever meet her, just in case she gets carried away. 😆

  18. yulyndi says:

    LOL @Liz and Rachael 😆

  19. Emmberrann says:

    Do we know what age this lionetini is? The little ‘pits are so tempting! And the belleh spottedness! And yes, the toefavas! Watta sweet little (in lion terms) morsel! [Sigh…]

  20. gerdiemonster says:

    not enough #tags in the world to describe the nomnom-able-ness of this adorable potbellied furball 🙂

  21. Jessica says:

    Can’t.Take it.Must schnoogle.This kitty.NOW!!

  22. @Norbertsmom, you are not the only one 😦

  23. I guess I am not the only one who wants to snorgle this dear sweet lion cub’s belly 😀

  24. Well. we won’t take this lion down.

  25. PLEASE TELL ME SOMEONE MENTIONED THE BELLEH! *looks up* oh yup, good work!

  26. I can’t handle the truth.

  27. HAHA! @Rachel @yulyndi, yah, I do love me some toe-beans – but not to worry, only the kitty variety 🙂 My two boys just look at me with tolerant disdain as I kiss their feets. The long-haired one actually requests a paw-shaving (just the bottoms where the fur covers the beans and makes him walk looking like bambi on ice) and I get to extra kiss them while I work 🙂 🙂 🙂