Henri: “The Humans Brush Us For Their Own Vanity”

On an idle Paris morning, Henri the Existential Cat ponders the meaning of spring. He does not like what he sees.

Comme on le voit sur T.O.



  1. 260Oakley says:

    Eagerly awaiting Henri’s memoir, “Remembrance of Things Pest.”

  2. My teaching assistant and I decided that if Albert Camus had a cat, it would be Henri. We laughed ourselves silly at our erudite wit.

  3. Agent99 says:

    Quiet rage. Love it!

  4. I had to squee when I saw Henri’s brother with his catnip!

  5. Oh, Henri 😀 You are just saying that 😀 You do enjoy getting your fur brushed 😀

  6. Clairdelune says:

    J’adore Henri!! I wish he had been around when I was studying Camus, would have made it easier to read without getting depressed. 🙂

  7. Henri lives in Seattle…….now im gonna go look all over town for him.

  8. prinsas says:

    So if Henri learned to narrate in a happier language, he’d like the brushing, yes?

  9. edmundh says:

    “Senseless cacophony of false hope.” – I must somehow work that phrase into a future conversation.

    waitaminute…Henri is at #9 now? BRB while I go catch up on his channel.

  10. ah, oui; je suis d’accord. (i agree) —- {et puis je fume ma Gauloise} (then, i take a drag on my Gauloise [cigarette])

  11. I love Henri. But I’m just realizing now how he looks so ridiculously much like my little Moose. Sadly, the world lost her on Tuesday, and so I also just might be seeing her everywhere because I don’t see her on my couch anymore 😦

  12. Sharon Wilson says:

    And the cat on 1:20 absolutely does not like being brushed!

  13. Smartypants says:

    hilz, I’m so sorry for your loss. RIP sweet Moose!