The Zen Of Toesday

Carl The Kitteh seems toe-tally absorbed in his Beans. (That plus he has the best extra names ever.) Monkey Butt? What?

“Carl (aka Carlos, Fuzzy Butt, Monkey Butt, Mr. Carl pants, Little Man) curled up with his paws. Photo by me… Meghan (aka Meg-on, Megster, Meg-Meg).”



  1. Carl is toe-tally stoned, if you ask me. “Dude . . . have you ever looked at your paw–I mean REALLY LOOKED?”

  2. Maybe it’s a Megan thing, but I also call my kitties Monkey Butt and Fuzzy Butt!

  3. Omw2help says:

    Coffee beans.. Just what I need in the morning 🙂

  4. DillPig says:

    I loff how even his blankie haz toebeans……[head tilt] XD

  5. Servant to Ninja the Cat says:

    Ha Ha! I call Ninja “Fuzzy Butt” too.

  6. 😆 Looks like Carl The Kitteh has gotten into some really strong catnip there, Meghan 😆

  7. Thanks for post the pic of my buddy! He was actually trying to get some sleep and was eyeballing me because I kept snapping pics of him!