Tahoe Update #2!

The Little Bear is named Tahoe, and as you recall, she turned up (unannounced) last month at the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care center. Here’s the latest video, plenty of adorabuhl bumbling-tumbling-fumbling, too. Thanks go to KB.

Orphaned Bear Cub at Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care from First Tracks Productions on Vimeo.



  1. dgerish says:

    I remember reading that they’re trying not to cuddle her or interact too much, as this will be a liability when she’s released. How CAN THEY STAND NOT CUDDLING? I wouldn’t be able to stop.

  2. ME. TOO. They aren’t pets, nor should they be, but…. I’D have an impossible time not cuddling and kissing that nose! Very sweet stuff and wonderful folks there.

  3. JonBuck says:

    Just look at those claws. If you think kitten claws are painful…

  4. I can’t help but just smile a big dopey grin watching this. I am obvi not the expert, but releasing her in January/Feb? Aren’t bears still hibernating then, and this newly released bear will have to scavenge for food in the snow? That seems like an odd time to release her to the wild!

  5. I was wondering about that, too, Ziggy, but I wonder if they do it then BECAUSE the other bears are hibernating. It will give Tahoe time to get the smells of the humans off her before the other bears wake up. I can’t figure out the food, though, unless they put food out for a few months to get critters through the lean times…?

  6. I have a question Mr Secretary/treasurer: Who is gonna put my asplody head back together after gawping at such a terrific wee girl with such wacka-doodle eyes?

  7. Happy to watch this little bear play and grow. Even happier that the goal is to release her back into the wild to take her chances.

  8. belleh

  9. Laura DragonWench says:

    Oh my gosh! The paw nomming! The backwards falling-sprawling! *boom-smoosh* That was the sound of my head ‘sploding all over my computer. Teh qte! It’s. Too. Much!!! O_O

  10. Sharon Wilson says:

    “Boom-smoosh” wasn’t the sound of bebeh bear falling down?