Bunday: Z Z Z Z Z

Yup, that’s just what it looks like. A Bunneh asleep. ON A BUNNEH BED.

Everybody, back to bed. And take yer buns ‘wit ya.

Cutest Paw.



  1. Ded! Ded I tell you, is my brain after seeing this. *puts blankie on bunny before passing out*

  2. Awwwwww whatta cutie!!

  3. Sooo cute! Also, I thought that was the bunneh’s tail at first!

  4. Omg… I can’t even compute. Only in Japan! Man, I gotta go there… and bring a big wad of cash for cute-shopping!

  5. A bunny rabbit sleeping in a bunny-shaped bed.

    How is this not Matchink!!