Caturday: Um, About Your iTunes Account

[We were just messin’ around and, well, we found your password and your Visa and, well, we bought some apps and stuffs. I don’t nose what an app is? U haz a balance due.]

“When I work from home, this usually happens. This is Spike (aka Spikeadoodle) and Omar (aka Fluffernutter.) And as an aside, I can’t tell you how many times my daily Cute Overload email has helped brighten my day! Thanks! MrsPDB.”



  1. daily Cute Overload email?!?! Daily??? EMAIL???? Oh, pretty please, How do I sign up for THAT?

  2. Are you saying she comes home and they’ve switched her laptop on ?!

  3. Reminds me of my two cats. The black one in particularly is the spitting image of my little chubby inky.

  4. 😆 Spike (aka Spikeadoodle) and Omar (aka Fluffernutter.) both have the “We’re in BIG TROUBLE with Mom” look on their faces, MrsPDB 😆