I’d Like 2 Gives This Jonquil 2 U

I wuz jus’ hanging out and decided I wanted U to haz this?

From Pinterest.



  1. anyone else notice the yellow around the ‘possum’s nose? Looks like too many SNEEFS!!!

  2. ScoutC says:

    We get these in the yard. I fail to see the cute in real live ones (although this pic has a certain icky charm) since they are nasty and snarl at our corgi when she tries to do her thing in her yard, even well away from the intruders. We refer to them as giant tree rats.
    Helpful hint: If you ever get one settled in somewhere where you don’t want it (garage, for instance), make a getaway route, leave the lights on and play a radio at full volume near it. Apparently they are grumpy little sticks-in-the-mud and don’t like lights or loud music.

  3. Oldbutnotdead says:

    If you look closely, it’s either a taxidermy or a needle felted toy. None of the claws are closed on anything and the mouth looks very strange and the tail isn’t wrapped around the branch.

  4. That is the sort of image Disney build an emprie on.

  5. Cynthia M says:

    I met a possum at a wildlife rescue place, and she was so sweet.

  6. We have possums and LOVE them. We call ours The Sanitation Engineer because they come along at night and eat all the stuff below the birdfeeders and generally clean the yard. We’ve read they are good for the environment because they consume what other animals leave behind and are a sort of clean-up crew! And I find their little heart shape faces sweet… Just wish they had a nicer looking tail!