Caption THIS: Isme And Dulcie

Cuteporter Elisha says: “This is Isme and Dulcie, my little chihuahuas. This photo really needs a caption.”

OK, let’s have a Friday afternoon caption contest! The Comments Section awaits!

P.S. from Elisha: “These are both rescues from Support Team Animal Rescue (STAR), a small, all-volunteer non-profit companion animal rescue organization in San Jose, CA.”



  1. kmccreary60 says:

    Summer’s coming. I just put on my swimsuit and turned around to find this.

  2. maxmolly says:

    Caption: Hey, who took the remote! We’re all set to watch here………

  3. maxmolly says:

    Seriously, you’re going to wear that!?!

  4. Wait, are you saying we’re…. DOGS?!!

  5. Meg Rose says:

    “What do you mean we’re adopted?!”

  6. No, that does’t make your butt look big. Really. Trust me.

  7. Rachael says:

    “Girl, you are NOT leaving the house looking like that?!”

  8. He said WHAT? I don’t think so girlfriend.

  9. There are only 3 days ’till Cinco de Mayo??
    I’ve so much to do!! Mercy me!

  10. 260Oakley says:

    i, Chihuahua!

  11. jewely says:

    omg, girlfriend! you’are NOT wearing that!!??

  12. pookie says:

    “Ah, sweet mystery of life, at last I’ve found you!” (Name that movie reference!)

  13. Pookie-Young Frankenstein?

  14. “we’re going to Disneyland”?

  15. “OH NO SHE DI’N’T!!!”

    “mmmm – she did; I saw it”

  16. Hey, I thought you said that I could wear the pink stripe sweater this time!

  17. “Would you look ay Maisy’s hat?? She looks like an ostrich is nesting on her head! And she’s wearing a sweater just like yours! Oh, the dogmanity!”

  18. OMG! Those stripes make you look wide, girl!

  19. Gus & Jake's Mom says:

    He’s tired – she has a headache!

  20. Sharon L. says:

    “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.”
    or alternatively:
    “Stop trying to make FETCH happen!”

  21. allein says:


    “No I’m not.”

  22. allein says:

    Sharon L., we really need upvotes around here. I give you 12. 🙂

  23. Allein-I second that.

  24. AAAAAAAHH! I can’t believe she did this to us!
    Dude…. Shut up. It’s not a big deal. It’s just a sweater. In fact it’s rather comfy…


  26. O my Dog she found the HATS!

  27. You’re gonna eat all of that?

  28. The day Isme and Dulcie found out what mom looks like without her sweater. . .

  29. Allein, I vote for yours!

    My attempts:
    “OMG, of course that wasn’t us! The cats did it.” Or:
    “Well, I never!” Or:
    “We said, Do Not snap that photo.” Or:
    “Best. Sweaters. Ever.”

  30. “Hey…you…get offa my cloud!”

    Why do you always get to be Mick?

  31. Rhonda B. says:

    Whaaaaat! There is poop in your shoe! It wasn’t me it was Isme!!!

  32. Saffron says:

    OMG, King Joffrey is dead!!!

  33. Sesheta says:

    And if elected, my running mate and I promise a new bone for all everyday.

  34. When you hotel at the Hamptons, they truly suit you! (pitchpuppeh for site–challenges Captain Obvy). [i watch waaaaayyyy too much telly]

  35. Smartypants says:

    Elle, have you seen the Residence Inn ads where they have elephant, giraffe, and penguin family staying in the suites? Very cute.

  36. You bore us human. Dance like a monkey. Or feed us. One of the 2

  37. I like Meg Rose’s ‘adoption’ one, especially since they’re both rescues.