ResQte Of The Week (Part 2) (Pucker Up, Buttercup!)

“Buttercup is a baby goat, just a few days old. She lives at Soledad Goat Farm in Mojave, California —a rescue farm where all the animals get to live out their happy lives, and one of the very few goat farm dairies that does not take babies away from mom. Buttercup needed an extra helping hand from the humans today and decided that was a pretty good spot for a nap. Such a happy place!” -KB.

(P.S.- Please note new Rule Of Cuteness #50!)



  1. Rachael says:

    Crossed paws!! 🙂

    She looks like she’s wearing a very bad toupee but it only makes her more adorable.

  2. pookie says:

    All I want is a baby goat named Buttercup!

  3. Saffron says:

    Sweet dreams little Buttercup!
    Was anyone else told that if you put a buttercup flower under our chin and there was a reflection on your chin that meant you liked butter? Although I know I like butter cause it is YUMMY. 😀