Hairballs -N- Hard Drives

Work from home?

U find that maybe your laptop’s a bit sluggish lately?

Pop ‘er open. Rule of paw thumb: keep a can of compressed air handy.



  1. Transpogue says:

    Clearly… CLEARLY… this is a cat’s’ way of helping us prioritize our lives. Why work when there are pettings, noms, and bird-chattering to be had??

  2. 😉

  3. A perfect example of “if not for sits than why is made of warm?”

  4. They KNOW if you are playing Candy Crush or Woobies and not working!

  5. jlamusings says:

    🙂 It makes me almost miss the days when monitors were much wider, and my previous kitty would camp out on top of it and stare at me while I worked on research during grad school. I think he even helped with emails too and hit “send” before I was done with a few emails to my advisor. Being the dork I am, I remember sending a follow up email that said “I’m sorry! My cat sent that one before I was done!”. My very straight-laced advisor wrote back: “What a talented cat you have.” 🙂 It made a little less intimidated. Ahhhh memories….

  6. murkle46 says:

    How about a cat bed made like a laptop with a warmer,a glow light screen and a soft keylike bed of silicone of felt or whatnot?I claim dibs on the patent!

  7. So has anyone actually removed their kitteh from laptop before said kitteh was ready? No, I didn’t think so.
    When someone works out how to do that without mortally offending kitteh please let us know. I have been known to work through midnight and beyond on assignments because prior to that someone with furry buttocks was sleeping blissfully on my laptop and I haven’t had the heart to move them.
    Slave to the kittehs. I am in a lot of trouble. Send help.

  8. yulyndi says:

    1:26, no bunneh has ever matched this look of DISAPPROVAL!

  9. I used to think I should start a website called “the warmest place in the house.” I have about 100 photos of my cats sleeping on the cable box (which had to be replaced when the fan filled up with fur). This video would of course have been highlighted on that site. 🙂

  10. Clairdelune says:

    @Vanessa Bennett: You’re a great Cat Mom!! My kitteh is not so keen about sleeping on keyboards, but doesn’t like it when I work on the computer and use my hands for something other than petting her, so she tugs on my arm and pulls it down and I end up typing some strange lines. Most times I give up and go sit on the couch so she can sleep and purr on my lap for an hour while I dutifully scratch and pet the right spots. Then I have to make up excuses for being late with my assignment. When you get that help, send them my way also…

  11. Teresa says:

    😆 Those kitties certainly know that laptops make nice warm beds to lay on 😆