(UPDATED!) Rollin’ Down Undah With Leon Trotsky

[Name refers to a Soviet Dude from way back in the day -Ed.]

edWell, well. Chris P. Bacon, you have a new pal Down Undah! This be Leon Trotsky, and as the last name implies, he can still trot with the best of ’em. What’s the story here, Kyle B. of Edgar’s Mission? Wait, let’s do the video first. Pigster Prosh.

Updated with Fresh Video!

OK, Kyle. G’hed, mate:

“We had a little piglet come to us last week that had been accidentally sat on by his mum..”

“..and broke his pelvis along with his leg.”


“While we wait for his bones to grow before he can have proper surgery..”

“…he has a little wheel cart that he uses to get around to keep pressure off his legs.”







  1. OMG…can’t watch the video because am having issues with my laptop but the photos alone are reducing my brains to goo with their lethal levels of sweetness and cuteness! This little piggy is why I do not eat pork! (0r beef, for that matter)

  2. sabrina rose says:

    My gracious, what a couple of adorable and plucky animals, with a loving caretaker to help them! Charming and lucky little dudes. Keep us posted!

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Oh look, it’s the new Toyota Hamry, with all-squeal drive.

    P.S. Who’s up for a field trip to Edgar’s Mission? I think I need to see it to really believe it exists.

  4. Oakley, you consistently amuse me and make me smile. Thank you!
    As to piggersons, I love the gentle dispositions of anipals who have been helped by humans and mechanical means.
    Also, the lamb in the animal print coat! I would love to give him scritchings.
    A sheep in a predator’s clothing. 😉

  5. doomchild says:

    2600Oakley delivers once again!
    I was having issues with the cart, thinking that it hinders the pig and feels uncomfortable and whatever. Then I actually looked at the piglet… and he doesn’t care. Neither do his anipals. They just hop along in perfect harmony… Forget Heaven, I wanna go to Edgar’s Mission when I die 😛

  6. “Da’s some pig”

  7. Leonie says:

    Hey!!! How wonderful to see a true love story. Shows you with a lot of love, caring and determination even old piggy can have a happy ending. Tops for everybody involved and keep up the good work!!

  8. road hog 😛