The Wonderful World O’ Benjamin Hole

Sounds like a movie title, right? Not so.

This is real life across the pond. (In the veddy British location of “The Isle of Purbeck, England.”) “I don’t know if you’re aware of this British farmer on Instagram, but his whole photostream is amazing. Especially his tiny Jack Russell puppy Ochre. Please check him out!” -Gemma P.

OK, we shall!












  1. gerdiemonster says:

    wow. just wow. also, that JRT looks very beagle-y in some of those pics 🙂

  2. Jack Russell Terriers are always on duty!
    Oh and, nice hedges there.

  3. I want to go there forever!

  4. I have a feeling that Benjamin there would be a fine candidate for the (soon-to-be released) 365-day “Men of C.O.” calendar. I base this on the forearms shown in the third from last pic. 🙂

  5. warm-n-fuzzy says:

    Pookie, I do too. Had a really crumby day. I wonder if I can tunnel there with my dog and cat. How long do you think it would take? I AM on the east coast.

  6. doomchild says:
  7. Picture 1 .. Small puppeh .. BIG attitude

  8. Not sure why those 4 lambs were called in for an interrogation, but…

  9. @Donna … I think because one or more of them was Bhhhaaaa’d
    *hides under the table*

  10. @warm-n-fuzzy – Not sure how long it would take but just make sure you turn RIGHT at Albuquerque. 😉