Stand BY…For Butt Wiggle!

(Anything can happen in the next :53 seconds!)

We’ve seen some crazy kitteh launching here at C.O.- The Circle is a prime purveyor of this.

But watch THIS little guy go. Can U say…”Zoom Zoom?”

And of course, there’s the .GIF.




  1. sarareina84 says:

    In addition to the excellent butt wiggleage, that expression is the very definition of whackadoodle eyes.

  2. Wow, I’ve never seen such an effusive butt wiggle. This cat is totally into his prey! Love the “paws up” before launch.

  3. Whackadoodle eyes indeed, sarareina84! We have a cat that looks a lot like this one, and while he does the butt wiggle, it’s not as energetic as this cat.

  4. Updated! Whackadoodle tag action!

  5. That cat never once blinks during “Da Wiggleage”

  6. I love how calm the other cat is, like he witnesses these shenanigans on a daily basis. “Just chill, bro.” 🙂

  7. just diggin’ in. none of that “pounce–slip! whoops! faceplant! tweetybirds! i meant to do that!” stuff here

  8. That’s some excellent “shifting into hovercraft mode” action!

  9. The headline also reminds me of the 1960s Gerry Anderson Supermarionation show, STINGRAY. At the beginning of every show, U hear “Stand by for action!” And “Anything can happen in the next half hour.” Got a big Stingray diecast model right here.

  10. Peanutcat says:

    That was no butt-wiggle; that was a whole body wiggle

  11. love the gif so much.

  12. That’s some Hawaiian hula version of a butt wiggle. Impressive! Also, I loff the stripes going from the corners of the eyes (like glasses!) that all tabbies have.

  13. celineoriet says:

    Now that’s a Wiggle!!

  14. That’s what I call ‘The Wiggle of Doom.’ And that moment when both front paws are in the air? Made me squeal. (But not like a pig. This isn’t “Deliverance.”)

  15. Teresa says:

    😆 I did not know that grown cats will do the butt wiggle before pouncing 😆