WHO Wuz Out In The Fresh-Cut Grass?

WHO was? Was it YOU? It was, wasn’t it!




  1. It’s never easy being green …

  2. Funny… he doesn’t look like an Irish setter!

  3. These young whippersnappers nowadays, making their hair all crazy colors, how are they going to get a job? 😉
    This is great coloring for Easter or St Patrick’s Day or if his school colors are Green and White. The little cutie pie.

  4. Didn’t you know ScoutC that we all have a little Irish in us all? LOL

  5. Kermit feet – snorts. XOXO – Bacon

  6. dolphin815 says:

    Um…I don’t think grass naturally comes in a shade of bright emerald green. Either whatever he got into wasn’t grass or they’re treating their lawn with something I wouldn’t trust around pets and small children.

  7. hungryhungryhippo404 says:

    Hehehe totally busted! 😛

  8. Dolphin815
    No worries. We have lived in our place over 13 years and have never put chemicals on our lawn because I like the flowers in the lawn and kids with bare feet and animals. Mowing does release the colors as after I remove my gym shoes, there is a nice pretty green ring similar to pupster’s on my socks. Pretty color, but not as cute as pupster’s because, grubby socks. 🙂

  9. vulfhild says:

    Hmmm… wonder if my friends who do cosplay can save $$$ by packing freshly mowed grass on their heads?

  10. He looks like he’s been dip-dyed. Hehe.

  11. A little late for St. Patty’s Day but still made me laugh!

  12. Pirate Queen says:

    Beg to differ with you, dolphin815! When our red & white Cavalier King Charles pup was young, once she ran out into the freshly mowed yard right after she’d had a bath. She came back in with her pearly white fur tinted bright green.