Tiny Hamsters…

EATING TINY BURRITOS! (And this is only Episode #1. There. Must. Be. More?)

Submitter Megan: “Holy crap- this is exactly what I was imagining and I love it!”

Update: Thanks Boston.com for the shout-out. Spotted by Sarah L.




  1. That was pretty near perfect in every way. Can’t wait to show my students tomorrow.

  2. 4leafclover says:

    This is like the last scene of “Ratatouille”!! It’s the special rat/hamster section of the bistro… 🙂

  3. That’s pretty much how I eat burritos too.

  4. Jendeyan says:

    Genius! I say, genius!

  5. megamissystar says:

    I love how the hammie’s all looking around when he gets he to the poker-chip plate, like “WHERE’S MY RITO???”

  6. Dewd, take smaller bites and chew then swallow before you eat the second one! Your mother would be appalled.

  7. No cinnamon crisps for dessert? Geez.

  8. The chef was so relieved Hammie liked his burrito!

  9. dolphin815 says:

    Typical. You slave away to make the perfect little wrap of cheesy Mexican goodness and he shoves the entire thing in his mouth without even tasting it. Sigh.

  10. he’ll taste it. it’s just in the hammie fridge for laters.