Multiple Rules Of Cuteness ALERT!

#1: Putting a paw up is cute.
#3: An Inquisitive Look is cute.
#37: If you tilt your head to a side, it’s cute.

From Cutest Paw.



  1. Very cute! But… what IS it?

  2. I propose a new rule: If you’re a wild animal acting like a pet, it’s cute.

  3. Ironbadger says:

    Pine marten!

  4. Yup looks like a Beech Marten to me. More people need to know about these as they’re just too cute not to be shown more on here!

  5. It’s a Pine Marten

  6. Razor sharp claws extended……adorable!

  7. Are pine martens related to otters or fishers?

  8. Tater Tot says:

    Is it my imagination, or is he slightly cross-eyed?

  9. Tater Tot, my thought exactly. Crossed-eyes are cute. A new Rule of Cute perhaps?

  10. vulfhild says:

    Yes, martens are related to otters, ferrets, wolverines, polecats, stoats, honey badgers, etc. The mustelidae rock!

  11. Derp!!!!! 🙂

  12. It reminds me a little bit of red pandas with those earsies. And the cuteness, natch. 🙂

  13. The animal has a whole bunch of pure CUTENESS!!!!