What’s So Great about Being a Zonkey?

Besides being redonk? The best thing about being half donkey and half zebra is, you get to be your own side-kick!

“Saw this extremely rare zonkey baby on the news this morning!” -Holly H. via YouTube.



  1. tiamatsdg says:

    That is one cute zonkey.

  2. what a cutie pie, now I want one, lol

  3. Very cute for sure, but rather puzzling. How would a donkey and a zebra ever meet? I wouldn’t have thought they’d run in the same social circles…??

  4. SOCKS!

  5. Emmm, per the news story, “Khumba’s mother, Rayas, is a zebra, and his father, Ignacio, is a dwarf blue-eyed albino donkey. That makes Khumba a “zonkey,” a rare cross between a zebra and a donkey.

    The animal was born on April 21 at the Reynosa Zoo in Mexico’s northeastern state of Tamaulipas.

    A zoo spokesperson told NBC12 that Rayas used to visit Ignacio every afternoon. The donkey had also been known to sneak into the zoo to see her.”

  6. They are not as rare, actually, as these stories would imply. Not all matings result in a viable fetus, so they aren’t all that common either, but there are ranches in the US that breed zebras with donkeys (and with horses), and will sell the semi-striped hybrid foals for three to five thousand dollars each.

  7. Thanks, annette. I guess the old saying’s right: where there’s a will, there’s a way.

  8. Tinychih says:

    Such a cute bebeh…but I hear his dad’s a real ass…(cough)…

  9. dolphin815 says:

    I just want to know what sort of noises she’s going to be making when she’s older. Donkeys and zebras have such distinctive vocalizations. Nature VS Nurture. Will she make the yipping noises of a zebra just because mom raised her or are her vocal chords shaped to only allow certain sounds?