Just Another Meezer Monday

“A little Meezer Monday Action!!” From Cuteporter Lisa J. as seen on Love Meow, and Sent From Her iPad, too!

(BTW, Ollie The Gabby Chomping Siamese has his own FB. How…surprising!)



  1. heck of an alarm clock, there!

    and BEEP!

  2. That’s how I talk to our cats, too: “Really? And what happened next?” Ollie is adorable, and I hope he learns to stop chomping in the not too distant future!

  3. N’aww, I’m fostering four little 4-5 week old kittens right now, and this made them go nuts.

  4. I think Ollie needs a playmate

  5. My sister’s cat is gabby like this — except the cat bosses my brother-in-law around, yowling for a long time like that. Hilarious! She opens her mouth like this kitten and just lets it wail for awhile, takes a breath, and starts again.

  6. Gotta love the passionate wail of the siamese. Had no idea it started this young.

  7. Nothing sounds like a Siamese…

  8. Ollie sure is a handsome little boy!!
    My Meezer used to bite too. I started pinching her ears, with my fingernails, when she bit. She finally figured out that biting caused her pain and she quit biting. When we got her we were told she was “mouthy” I thought it meant she talked a lot, but it meant she was a biter.

  9. AWW 😀 Dear sweet little Ollie certainly has a BIG voice for such a tiny kitten 😀