Happiness Is (Rescuing) A Warm Puppeh

Feels good, too.

Extraordinary photo by Hilary Benas Photography as seen on the Southern Oregon Humane Society FB page. Headline inspired by C. Schulz.



  1. Gotta love them…..

  2. The puppeh looks like he’s been in the puppeh-nip or is really tired/happy or both
    (I’m voting the later)

  3. I wish them many years of happiness together–and it looks like they’re off to a great start! Sweet photo.

  4. The stuff that dreams are made of—really really GOOD dreams. Hooray for rescues! *pets puppeh*

  5. The lady hugging the pup is his foster mom, the folks behind are his new owners and they met up at an event at the shelter. The photo appeared on Reddit a few months back. It’s a lovely story 🙂

  6. Erhmagerd! That is way too precious! Blissfully in heaven…

  7. gerdiemonster says:

    happiness is a warm puppy (charlie brown)

  8. My eyeballs are leaking and I also need to run and hug my kittehs now. BRB….
    ❤ ❤ ❤

  9. Dogs know when they’ve been given a second chance and they simply cannot thank you or love you enough in return.

  10. Oh the bliss on that puppeh’s face!
    Made my great day even better.

  11. If you follow the link be prepared – have tissues handy! So touching.

  12. …”And they call eet puppeh looove.”

  13. auburnlangley says:

    So beautiful!! ❤

  14. Jendeyan says:

    That pic gives me a case of the warm fuzzies.

  15. That pup’s face…

  16. That’s a wonderful picture.

  17. My heart just melted!!!!

  18. This photo makes me want to march down to the animal shelter and take every single one of them home! If only I could!

  19. Both the puppeh and human look SO happy!