Do Seals Loff 2 Have Their Bellehs Rubbed?

I dunno! Do Teddy Bears dance in the woods?


Blorps of the Ferne Islands in the United Kingdom, from VVV.



  1. freetomato says:

    My goodness! I could die happy if I got to do that!

  2. Freetomato, I had the same thought! What lucky divers!

  3. OMG! That seal is totally smiling at :43. Love eet!

  4. I’m a diver and I can confirm these underwater puppies are super friendly and actually play with you. They really look at you like a little puppy in the park. You can see one who played with me and my buddy all dive long from the “website” link in this post.

    BTW, per divers rule, you can’t chase the sea lives to hug, but THEY can hug you.

  5. Oh my God, how wonderfully, incredibly fabulous!!!

  6. Oh my goodness C U T E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Love hearing the diver’s laughter while administering the belleh rub.

  8. suchatnoir says:

    Why is there not a FaveFrame for 0:45?!

  9. Updated!

  10. Laura DragonWench says:

    Okay, I now have only one item on my bucket list and it is to give belleh skritches to blorpy seals! Must do this pronto! 😀 Oh, and I loved the laughter from the divers as they skritched–totally priceless. 😉