U Just KNOW A Baroo Is Next

“Do ah turn to the left, or the right? Wait. Which is which? Is left that way, or is that right? I haz a confuse. Maybe I shall take a nap and think about it later.”

“This is my parents’ dog: Tib! (Their first two dogs were named Betsy and Tacy. It was only fitting she was named ‘Tib.’) She is a Havachon…half Havanese and half Bichon Frise. And 100% terror!” -Jessica R.



  1. Wait, my left or your left?

    I’m not convinced that’s a real dog though! It may be one of those toy dogs on wheels that you pull around on a string.

  2. Oh.

  3. That dog is adorable and I loved the Betsy, Tacy & Tib books when I was a child. It’s almost too much to take in without melting.

  4. 100% terror is as it should be! One day I aspire to have a Havanese…

  5. Christine says:

    Love the names. She is adorbs.