Bunday: Bunbun & Sophia Action!

Yes, yes, Easter BunDay was LAST weekend, when we had LOTZ of Bun Posts. Today we’re back to a regular non-holiday Bunday, so let’s check out what Cuteporter Scott Y. has for us.

“These are my two baby blue-eyed white baby Holland Lop Bunnies. A boy named Bunbun, and a girl named Sophia. They are 3 weeks old, and apart from being Super Cute, they are full of energy and curiosity!”

[Imagine THAT. -Ed.]

(This is Bunbun.)




  1. pack up the intertoobz im done for the day–nearly died when the one on the left rolled out of its slipper

  2. Are we sure that they aren’t super evolved Tribbles?

  3. Bunday should always be like this! So many bunny photos and this adorable and completely relaxing video. Yes, I agree with Debg, the one rolling out of the slipper has rendered me non-functional!

  4. Dear lord, my brain just exploded. Who would’ve thunk a little furry slipper makes a perfect bunny bed.

  5. 4leafclover says:

    Bunny slippers!!

  6. I called my childhood stuffed bunny toy Bunbun; hadn’t thought of that in years! This one is much cuter, though.

  7. Clairdelune says:

    OK, where can I get a pair of those? I want exactly the same kind, pink and stretchy and full of white bunnies. The cleaning/chewing/grooming action at the end really got me…

  8. Yep. I’m dead. Complete cute overload. Mission accomplished.

  9. Took me a bit to realize the grass was the indoor sort!

  10. Yep, the bunlet rolling out of the slipper made my head go all ‘splody. 🙂

  11. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    They just don’t look real. Where do the batteries go?

  12. 6rabbits says:

    There is NOTHING on the planet cuter than 3-week old baby bunnies. NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I do believe that 2nd pic is showcased as explanation in the wikipedia article about why we humans think baby animals are so frickin ANORABLE!!

  14. PS. I’m thoroughly enjoying that yarn grass!