Malibu BLORP!

[Sounds like a Hasselhoff reality show on cable. Tune in to watch retired & overweight Baywatch guard Mitch Buchannon goof off at his Malibu pad. -Ed.]

Check these photos out and read what’s up.

“The California Wildlife Center in Malibu has 13 Bebbeh Blubbersons AKA Elephant Seal Pups. They eat loads o’ fish and the CWC is raising funds this weekend for a new freezer to hold all the food that these little (big) guys require. Anybody who donates today or tomorrow gets their name on the freezer which will help the pups for years to come. (Put ‘FREEZER’ in the comments on the donation checkout.)” -KB.









  1. Love these little (big) guys!!!

  2. SO cute~!

    I just…


  3. More than happy to donate to these blorpy little dudes and dudettes.🙂

  4. i like their party hats

  5. It’s face paint. They’ve been to Coachella!

  6. Smartypants says:

    I love all of them – think the last one is the cutest – “look, it’s my armpit!”

  7. 5th pic from top: elephant seal pup baroo!