Caturday: Whac A Kitteh!

And watch out for the Kitteh Jailbreak about halfway thru:



  1. JenDeyan says:

    This has been done before 5 years ago.

    But it’s so cute a remix is always welcome.

  2. Omigosh, yes, I could watch Whack-A-Kitty every day! But when is it my turn to play?

  3. :)…that is all!

  4. 6rabbits says:

    New version has better production values! And the whacker looks very soft.
    Can I cuddle the escapees? This is a purely selfless act on my part as the kittehs must be truly traumatized… 😉

  5. I want to play this! But I can’t, I get too competitive and might damage a kitty by accident!

  6. 😆 I would be cuddling each kitty as he/she climbs out of that box 😆

  7. Awwwwww! They’re so SWEET!