Absolutely Ultimate Definitive Kitteh Baroo (#2)

While Thursday’s AUDKB is prolly still the gold standard for Kitteh Baroos…this one ain’t half bad. (Got a Kitty Baroo shot we need to see? We’d love to check it out!)

“This is Bogart, the master of the house and ruler of all he sees. He’s beyond cute but a relentless little demon. I took this after peeking around the doorway at him. Classic baroo! He’d love to be on C.O. so he could enlarge his legion of admirers.” -Andrea S.



  1. She is so gorgeous.

  2. For the Booping impaired, this kitty comes with a ready-made white arrow pointing to the appropriate spot…

  3. This is a beautiful cat!

  4. Rich ginger fur, milky-jade eyes, leetle pinch of white above the perfectly prosh peenk nosicle……must…..boop…..ehn ehn [grabby hands] [kaplonk] =^.^=

  5. Victoria, Mom to 3 Rats says:

    Oh my, what a handsome kitty. Gotta love those marmies!

  6. Clairdelune says:

    I see I’m not the only cat lover to be impressed by Bogart’s nosicle. Very pink and with a white arrow, resistance is futile! BOOP!! 😀

  7. Mission accomplished. Count me among Bogart’s smitten admirerers.

  8. His colour is magnificent. And so plush looking. Is he real?

  9. Count me among Bogart’s legions. He is beautiful and adorable! His orange is very orange and his white is very white! I love his stripes and his big wide hips and his big long whiskers and his little white paw and . . . .