Remember Dahlia?

Last time we checked, Dahlia was 100% sacked out.

As U can see (and hear, speaks up for the snoring,) Dahlia still doesn’t have much on her agenda.

“Sleep apnea, puppy style! Billie Jo Waddle’s white Boxer Dahlia. Sent from my iPad.” -Kevin W.



  1. freetomato says:

    She needs a C-PUP machine. (My big boy Boone, a red white and blue cutie last year, needs one too).

  2. agenda for today:-
    7:00 run outside for business
    12:00 lunch
    6:00 dinner
    11:00 run outside for business
    go to bed

    “Picture taken with a iPup”

  3. I was feeling wide awake until I watched this little Dahlia. Yawn…zzz.

  4. It must be exhaaauuusting being that adorable. 🙂

  5. Smartypants says:

    …and how thoughtful of owner to color-coordinate her socks w/Dahlia!

  6. Hey, we’ve had boxers for over 30 years and it is a fact that in between vigorous moments of high action……….they sleep. We have noted this and have come to the estimate that boxers sleep (albeit with one eye open for potential action moments) just about 20 hours a day!!! Sometimes indoors, but weather permitting, out in a patch of sunshine. FACT!!! Very cute Dahlia, signed the white boxer band…..Zito, Jolie B and Ule