Inigo Meowtoya – The Sistine Chapel Edition

[So close…and yet, so FAR….]

“I was beyond elated when you guys posted the video my dearest boyfriend sent in of Inigo Meowtoya – so even if you don’t post this picture of him, I wanted to let you know how much that made my cat lady day! He might look like he’s innocently reaching for the curtain- but seconds after I took this picture he mistook the curtain for the six-toed kitten. Let’s just say the curtain had to be replaced.” -Emily P.



  1. Perhaps the curtain killed his father, and must prepare to die.

  2. That’s hilarious!!!

  3. I don’t believe this innocent kitten could do such a thing. He is clearly reaching out to test the softness of the material and whether to owner buys polycotton , cotton or silk.

  4. 13bodies says:

    @scoobiesnacks–and then he innocently fell and knowing it would break his dear owner’s heart if anything happened to him he grabbed onto the only thing he could to save himself–the curtain. So he did it all for her, really.

  5. And sweet Inigo had always felt that the curtain was too cheap & shabby, entirely unworthy of his beloved mistress…so he thought that the best way he could show his love for her: kill the curtain dead, thereby definitely assuring its replacement with a drapery worthy of her…. (with a tear in his eye, he felt he had secured the possibility of a lovely window for her, thereby guaranteeing her happiness for the rest of her life….)

  6. 😆 Inigo Meowtoya thought you needed new curtains, Emily P. 😆 I second what you wrote, cheshirekittehkat 😆

  7. Look at the lovely toebeans!