Hark, Do I Hear Knitting Needles?

Out there, somewhere, is a gorgeous sweateauw, waiting to be spun and knitted, by a deliriously happy yarnfan.

13963897456_01e14eeeb0_b (1)
“This adorable little fluffernutter is a chia (baby alpaca) at the Bluebonnet Hills Alpaca Ranch in Navasota, TX. They breed alpaca there for incredibly soft and delish yarn, and the humongous doe eyes on this little one just melted our entire tour group! I love your site! My 3 kitties and I check your site every day!” -Kelli N.



  1. those eyes.

  2. bjwhite24 says:

    Also known as a CRIA.

  3. Plink plink with some fluffy bloomers.

  4. I want these babies AND their fleece, yes I do. Alpacas rarely fear the knitting needle, but they don’t love the shearing process. (It’s necessary, however.)

  5. If I buried my head in that floof do you think I’d ever be seen again?

  6. allieem258 says:

    Baby alpacas are called “Cria” not chia. You might want to correct that

  7. 260Oakley says:

    P.S. The baby is called a “cria”, but it certainly looks like a Chia Pet. 😉

  8. She must be the babe of the group.

  9. The leeeeps!

  10. Starfish says:

    That is just gorgeous.

  11. Yes, it is cria! Thanks, 260Oakley! I made a floof-induced typo. 🙂 I was totally smitten! Glad you enjoy! Kelli N.

  12. Smartypants says:

    Those knees! You think my landlord would notice if I snuck one into my apartment?

  13. As a human being I can 100% Confirm that that is a fluffernutter.

  14. Cria. Not “chia”.

  15. Has anyone told the Henson studio that one of their creatures has escaped?

  16. Forget whether it’s Chia or Cria; this luscious beebeh is surely a Fluffernutter. No question, I say.

  17. I always thought a baby llama or alpaca was called a cria. Like Julie said.

  18. Yes, he is definitely very floofy!

  19. Baby llamas and alpacas are crias. While giving birth their mammas are, no kidding I’m not making this up, criating.