Flashback Friday

Older dog on top looks like, “When I were a pup, we cruised around the old fashioned way – on four paws!”

“A man cycling through London’s Battersea with a greyhound draped over his shoulders and a puppy tucked inside his jacket, 1931.” Via Getty Images. Photographer unknown.



  1. Gorgeous guy! And hilarious.

  2. No, I think the older dog is thinking, “In the good old days, I used to get the pocket. Now I’m clinging for my life while that damn whippersnapper just takes it easy.”

  3. Alice Shortcake says:

    Aww! It reminds me of a story about my great-grandfather, who was a newspaper vendor and stray dog magnet. A member of the family once saw him at his stand with a whippet draped round his neck like a fur stole.

  4. Lerrinus says:

    Have pups, will travel! 🙂

  5. Jendeyan says:

    I didn’t notice the pup until I read the caption.

  6. Smartypants says:

    …and the guy is so nonchalant – nothing out of the ordinary, apparently.

  7. Of course, why wouldn’t he be doing that?

  8. I ‘ave often rode down this street before,
    But thees dogs were never restin’ on me ‘ead before,
    All at once am I,
    Sure I must be high,
    Cycling ‘ere, on the street where you live.

  9. Ah, CO’ers, thanks for the giggle. Boy, do I need it. On that note; do you think the hooman purchased the sport coat w/ pup attached?