Comments, Please: What Is FitzRoy The Cat Doing?

FitzRoy gives off such a regal presence, doesn’t he? But what is he doing? Is he watching cable, and he’s got a remote in the bowl? What’s on his mind? What does he want from his slave Wendy B., who sent in the photo?

Comments encouraged. This means you, Oakley.


  1. [Tarkin voice] “You may fire when ready.”

  2. jewelalchemy says:

    it’s an asana from an advanced form of CatYoga that FitzRoy has just channelled from cats living in another star system, obviously. The purpose of the pose is still a mystery, but FitzRoy might be teaching it at a weekend workshop in the near future.

  3. moonsilver says:


  4. 13bodies says:


  5. toborzgrrl says:

    My guess: getting ready to shave for those warm weather styles!

  6. Blue Footed Booby says:

    My guess: divination

    The bowl spins, and whoever the paw points at when the spinning stops will be the first to get married…or die, depending on the phase of the moon and the disposition of the cat.

  7. This is obviously Hermione’s cat – he’s got his shank crooked.

  8. “You may now massage the royal toe beans. And don’t forget … I like my toe floof extra floofy.”

  9. “Dude, have you ever really gotten in, I mean _really_ gotten in, to your paw?

  10. “Talk to the paw.”

  11. “You may approach and kiss it.”

  12. “I disapprove of your interrupting my cello playing. Now if you don’t mind . . . . “

  13. “I’m ready for my pet-icure.”

  14. Invisible fishing line?

  15. That is just adorable!!! Hugs and nose kisses

  16. He is doing nothing, which cats have mastered as an art form. Bravo, FitzRoy!

  17. “This is certainly an odd yoga pose. I’m not feeling the burn. Still better than downward-facing dog though.”

  18. He is clearly preparing to enter the portal to another dimension. A Cat Dimension, and no we don’t get to know any more than that, it’s classified.

  19. Totally Jersey says:

    My three-legger is very fond of that pose. We call them his “ballet stretchies!”

  20. Norbertsmom says:


  21. Rhonda Bingham says:

    He would like a paw massage of course

  22. Clairdelune says:

    Don’t ignore me human, I’m looking at YOU!! Down on your knees and remove the litter stuck between my floofy toes, NOW!!

  23. Getting ready to shave his legs — fetch the royal razor!

  24. Oh I know that look. It’s the “inter-grooming vacant stare”:. It always makes me laff at my fur babies. (Leeeck, leeck, leeck. Stop. “Now where else on my magnificent self needs to be lovingly attended to. Can’t rely on my hoomins to do this. They’re just as likely to let the dog leeck me. Aaah, that’s the spot. My pantaloon encased derriere.”)
    You know I’m right!

  25. This is clearly Fitzroy von Teese, doing his Champagne Bowl Burlesque.

  26. In my house, we call that “playing the banjo.”

  27. 260Oakley says:

    He’s bowl-ing and is pissed off because he’s rolled a split. Obviously, he is not an alley cat.

  28. Smartypants says:

    You guys – epic group win! 😀

  29. WaldenPond says:

    “No, this is just a leg sticking out of my pocket and I yes (despite my neutral expression) I am happy to see you.”

  30. Two words. Git, out.

  31. warm-n-fuzzy says:

    he’s stoned

  32. “No, no, Geppetto, I told you I wanted my NOSE to grow when I lied.”

  33. He’s stretching the happy paw

  34. Scrutinizing his pedicure, of course!

  35. “Waiting for you to fill my bath. Warm,

  36. Carol Downes says:

    First thing I thought was ‘Bowling’ but Oakley beat me to it!

  37. Stretching before ballet class. He’s clearly a cultured puss. No rugby for him. Nope. Ballet and piano lessons.

  38. 😆 Fitzroy wants to know when his slave Wendy B. is going to show up with his tuna in a crystal bowl and kitty milk in another crystal bowl 😆

  39. Getting a mani-pedi? One leg at a time

  40. This is the horizontal version of what my cat used to do. He’d be cleaning himself with his hind paw straight up in the air. My roommate (BFF) and I referred to it as the “Statue of Liberty” pose.

  41. Waiting for compliments