Meet Skittles

[Wanted to pass along this email from Bridget E. -Ed.]

“I had quite a scare with Skittles just last week. On April 15th, Skittles required emergency surgery due to an intestinal obstruction. Thank goodness, he is healing now. Because it was an emergency procedure done by a specialist, his medical bills are through the roof. I’ve set up a GoFundMe website to help raise funds for his surgery bills.”

“So far, I’ve already raised over 25% from friends and family, which is amazing! Now, I’m hoping to reach animal lovers from all over to help fundraise the remaining amount.”

“Any funds that are raised in excess of Skittles’ medical bills will be donated to Cape Ann Animal Aid, a no-kill animal shelter in Gloucester, Massachusetts.”

“I’m hoping that you think Skittles is as cute as I do! Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Please know, I have also researched charities which provide assistance for medical bills…”

“…however, they do not provide assistance for emergency procedures and/or do not provide assistance for procedures that have already been performed.”




  1. arielemc says:

    Wishing Skittles a speedy recovery.

  2. Mingles' Mommy says:

    Done and done… get well Skittles!

  3. This is Bridget here. Thank you all so much for posting Skittles and his GoFundMe page! I’ve already received donations thanks to your site. So far, we’ve raised over 30% and counting….thanks to you!

    And thank you arielemc for the kind words! Skittles is on the mend, but still dealing with pain. I’m just trying to keep him comfortable and give him lots of love 🙂

  4. Cone of shame .. NOOOOOOO !!!!!!

  5. Doug–Skittles hates the cone! So as long as I’m watching him (which is practically 24/7 now besides when I sleep), he’s free of the cone of shame 🙂

  6. lovemyMMMs says:

    Done! Feel better Skittles!

  7. Done! Bridget, I know you are a great mom to that sweet little guy and he’s lucky to have you, just as you are lucky to have him. All the best to both of you.

  8. mauderules says:

    Done! Best wishes for a speedy recovery for the brave little patient and tons of warm thoughts for his amazing mother.

  9. 6rabbits says:

    Done! 🙂 I have a soft spot for Westies (and for humans who do whatever it takes for their anipals)!

  10. Cynthia M says:

    Wow, I’ve had to have emergency medical care for more than one of my furry children and never begged for funds to pay for it. I put it on a credit card and worked to pay it off.

  11. Cynthia M- What the ()(*_)&**)???????? Not nice!

  12. doomchild says:

    @Cynthia M: I hear you. If you take an animal, you better be ready to pay the bills if and when they come. Of course if people want to donate, then let them, but be prepared to face the music on your own. Get well soon, Skittles!

  13. doomchild says:

    Just to specify: Skittles received the treatment he needed BEFORE any donations, so it’s clear Bridget was prepared and a wonderful mom (like we know she is!). I didn’t mean to criticize her in any way. I’m just sceptical about this trend of online-begging, because there’s no way of knowing where your money really goes, and wanted to support Cynthia’s comment. Once again: Bridget rocks. And so does little Skittles!

  14. Yes, you have to be careful online. While my heart goes out to people, I’ve been duped more than once by having a soft heart. Makes me sad that I always am skeptical now. Wish I didn’t have to be.

  15. Cynthia –

    I recognize and appreciate your situation; being able to pay off your pets’ medical bills is commendable. I also recognize and appreciate the generosity of others who have so kindly donated to help me pay off my pet’s medical bills.

    When I first took Skittles to the veterinary specialty center and had to pay a deposit of over $3800 upfront, I was in a state of panic. I really had no idea what I was going to do. Thankfully, a friend of mine suggested that I set up a GoFundMe page. I didn’t expect much, if anything from it.

    I have been absolutely amazed by the uplifting kindness and generosity of others—especially of those who haven’t even met me or little Skittles. Even the people who just sent well wishes and kind words have really lifted my spirits. Thank you for sharing your experience with me.


  16. lovemyMMMs says:

    While I understand your skepticism, I would ask you to please keep it to yourself and let the rest of us continue supporting Bridget and Skittles, if not financially, with words of encouragement and well wishes. Thanks!