Ultimate Beady Eye Factor

Radar ears on alert.
Dangling paws.
Chubby lower legs leading to..
Teeny tiny pair of feet.

And oh yes, those beady little eyes boring a hole thru your very soul. Take THAT, Interwebs.

Via Reddit.


  1. **RIP**

    Can I have my soul back that you just ripped from me please mr. hamster …

  2. Oh, little Hammy McHammersons, you have stolen both my heart and my soul. *sigh*

  3. I actually felt my heart skip a beat.

  4. You forgot the slight jaw-drop of disbelief. That’s what always puts me over the edge…

  5. Oh dear baby sweet Jesus – that cute adorable little hamster has a LEASH on. Too CUTE! XOXO – Bacon


  7. Mary (the first) says:

    A hamster on a leash??? Now I’ve really seen everything. Everything cute, that is! (OK, maybe not. I’m sure CO will come up with a zillion more cutes in the future.) (I’ve never before used the word “cute” as a noun.)

  8. And now thanks to a certain TV commercial, I’m imagining this little dude sounding like Andrew Dice Clay.

  9. Well…I saw a cat seated like a child in grocery cart…sooooo…..but a hamster on a leash…so cute.

  10. DogEared says:

    hammy. with collar. and leash. I….I….I….dunno. I just dunno.