Tea and No Sympathy

“… and then Leroy, that’s Gloria’s uncle’s cousin’s sister’s youngest (more tea?), well, he up and announces that he’s going to Tibet instead of technical college (how many sugars, sugar?), and I swear you could’ve heard a pin drop… Oh, but listen to me rattle on, I’m not boring you, am I?”




  1. ,,, and that’s when I developed a drinking problem.

  2. Wouldn’t Gloria’s uncle’s cousin’s sister be Gloria’s uncle’s cousin also?

  3. @Barbara: That seems reasonable. One of the benefits of putting words in the mouths of animals is that I don’t have to be any smarter than they are, which is true a disturbing amount of the time. ☺

  4. Mike, I’m delighted you’re finally getting a byline for your great captioning for the Chronicle’s DIP!

  5. With their little Winnie the Pooh teacups!

  6. @Barbara, first rule of gassing; never say one word when fifteen will get you there more slowly 😉

  7. Did anyone hear that in a nasally british accent? Imagine Graham Chapman in drag. 🙂