Rocco, Whatchoo Lookin’ At?

Rocco The Springer Spaniel loves to play with Sqwerls. But when he’s stuck in the car, all he can do is….squeak.

As seen on Nothing 2 do with Arbroath.



  1. .. must .. play .. with .. SQUIRREL !! .. LET ME OUT .. NOW !!

  2. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    That’s the doggie version of a cat chattering looking out the window at squirrels and birds!

  3. Part Springer Spaniel, part Kookaburra. And they said it couldn’t be done.

  4. That’s clearly the Queen of the Night Aria from WOLFgang Amadeus Mozart’s Magic Flute!!

  5. That high pitched squeak at 0:10 just SLAYS ME!

  6. I have to say that there is a Sonata in there for the Marriage of Figaro! Just sayin…

  7. My JRT was making similar noises at a squirrel just yesterday. Apparently, I couldn’t open the door fast enough for him! As usual, he couldn’t catch the squirrel.