Panda Blorp Detected In DEE CEE

This is Bao Bao, out and about at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. We’ve also got live dual Panda Cam Action here and here.

From and taken by Joey T.



  1. freetomato says:

    Fave frame? ALL OF THEM!

  2. i remember being a little bleener when the original hsing-hsing and ling-ling were seconded to the natzoo after the chinese admitted they had superior squee technology. the sound in the room hasn’t changed.

  3. Oh my God panda!

  4. And some applause for the volunteers who staff the panda cam all day and probably all freakin’ night, at least we did during pregnancy watches, in 3-hour shifts. Nothing like watching Ling-Ling sleep for 180 solid minutes from 1 to 4 AM.

  5. I was screaming just like that little girl throughout the video —– soooo cute!!!