Let’s Do Our Toesday Stretcheenk Exercises, K?

This Little Dude is about as Prosh as they come!

Let’s hear from the Sender-Inner Kristen M: “I live in a NE Georgia farm town with a lot of outdoor field cats. My husband and I took 4 kittehs inside over a year ago and also put a heated/insulated cat house on our porch for the neighborhood felines to use in the cold winter. A neighborhood mama cat decided to have a batch of her kittens in this house a few weeks ago. We call them “the beans” because they curl up into tight little bean balls. We’re looking to find them good inside homes and mama cat is getting fixed once the beans are weaned.”

“Weaned Beans.” Snerk.




  1. Smartypants says:

    Awesome job, Kristen M!

  2. sleekityin says:

    Weaned Beans Heinz?

  3. Madame X says:

    Kristen, God must surely have reserved a special place in heaven for you, for taking such good care of His creatures. Here I was having a totally horrible day and giving up on finding a shred of decency in the human race, and I find people who place heated abodes for field kittehs on their porch during the winter, who take strays into their home and care for bebbehs and their mother… Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity (at least some of it…)

  4. Clairdelune says:

    Kristen, I loff you!! Anyone who cares for kittehs as you do is an awesome human. And the little bean is simply adorable, would love to hold him and keep him warm.

  5. AWW 😀 That is so nice of you, Kristen M 😀

  6. The dear sweet little kitty pictured here is a girl 😀 She is what they call a light tortoiseshell kitty 😀

  7. gosh bless you, kristen m. heated feline abode. kitty beans with toe beans. helping the meow-mom. all is good.

  8. Anytime I need to find a good story, about good hoomins, being good, I head over to CO. Thank you Kristen and Kristen’s husband!

  9. Favorite part of this story is that mama’s getting fixed.

    Thank you Kristen and hubby!!!

  10. muppet2171 says:

    So which bean is shown here? Green? Lima? Kidney? Navy? Edamame? Weaned Beans…my new favorite phrase! Sooo cute! And good on you for taking ’em in and getting mommy kitten fixed! 🙂