Updated! Un-BEAR-ably Cute In Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care has a new resident. Someone dropped off this 2.5 month old (now named “Tahoe”) at the Bear League’s doorstep in Homewood. No note or explanation was provided. According to Lake Tahoe News, “‘She is healthy. She is not emaciated. She’s a little dehydrated, but not enough to be worried about,’ Tom Millham with LTWC said.”

Updated! Fresh video!

bear2 dt




All photos by Dan Thrift. The LTWC FB is here. Sent in by Morjana C.



  1. Cute, yes, but DAYUUMM!! Look at those CLAWS! And she’s just a baby! I don’t think I’ll be messing with any bears.

  2. I just melted!!!

  3. Yes, baby, I do loff you.

  4. What Juno said–those claws are huge! Cute little girl, but I’d certainly be careful around her feet…

  5. Dog Lover says:

    All together now: awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

    Just so stinkin’ adorable. 🙂

  6. I wonder if her mummy is looking for her? That kind a’ makes me a leetle sad.

  7. lavren Beeh says:

    Beary Beary cute!!!

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  10. It must be so hard to resist the urge to cuddle her 24/7!

  11. The chortling on the blankie… I turned into a puddle of goo. Would not be able to resist cuddling. Glad some are able, though! I also do hope, in a way, there’s no mama bear looking for her.

  12. That second video looked like she wanted to suckle, like a cat weaned too early will suck blankets and do milk treading. A bit sad 😦

  13. Laura DragonWench says:

    OMG! While I understand the necessity of not cuddling her in order to make returning her to the wild easier, those rehab people must be made of adamantium! There’s no way I could resist cuddling that cutie, even with those wicked-looking claws. And that toddling, wobbling, drunken walk of hers… I’m goo, total goo.

  14. Sharon Wilson says:

    My kitteh used to do the same thing to the bedspread, without the chortling of course!