They Got Kit-Kats In Here?

[Twix, Mars, M&M’s, no thanks! I can haz Kit-Kats?]

Via Facebook.



  1. OMP! (oh my pig) What a cutie. What number is he so we can ‘buy’ him? XOXO – Bacon

  2. you have a little something on your…nope, other side…

  3. Is kitteh’s name George Costanza? If so then he was obvy there to get his Twix bar.

  4. This is cuter than the 3 year old who climbed into to get a toy and his mom called 911,thinking he was kidnapped.I wonder what the cat wanted?

  5. Smartypants says:

    Trina, I bet he was after the Juicy Fruits – so much fun to swat around the floor!

  6. Leave it to a tuxie.

  7. How on earth did it get in there?!

  8. omg, so cute ^^

  9. kiragirl says:

    what the heck is the thing in slot C1 ?

  10. *Insert money in slots*
    *Press F1 furiously*

  11. Aero bar? Mars bar? Looks like a Canadian kitteh to me, eh! Wish my breakroom vending machine had kittens in it!

  12. sleekityin says:

    Caught red-pawed.

    PS. Select option 457 gazillion for tuxie, 456 for marmie, 458 for tabby….

  13. I would of been calling 911 to ask for help getting that dear sweet kitty out of there 😀