Easter Bunday: They DON’T Sell Bunneh Ears In Rwanda?

The Easter Bun had an assistant in Rwanda, and his name is Magilla Glub Glub!

Bunny 2
“There isn’t a place in Rwanda that sells bunny ears, those are homemade. Adds to the “charm.” -Bethany H.

[This concludes Easter BunDay here at C.O. Thanks to all who sent in photos! -Ed.]



  1. Magilla looks less than thrilled by his egg duties.

  2. Magilla G G is sooo beautiful! I love the bunneh ears. ❤

  3. Smartypants says:

    Are those ears made of makeup-remover pads? Too cute! And it’s always a pleasure to see Magilla – he’s such a big boy now!

  4. 😆 Magilla Glub Glub looks like he is going to get you for putting those bunny ears over his ears 😆