How ‘Bout A Hug There, Lil’ Fella

Mr. Chicken is only TOO happy to oblige!

As seen on Viral Viral Videos.



  1. Wouldn’t this technically be “Mrs.” Chicken? (with Mr. Chicken–the rooster–bringing up the rear…)

  2. awwwed out loud. awwwww.

  3. I saw a shorter version of this elsewhere. This is so much better with the gentle pettings. I never knew chickens could be so demonstrative. I loff this. So sweet.

  4. I luv this video, seen it on FB! Heartwarming indeed…

  5. tommygirl says:

    Ahhhhh it’s too much cute!! 😀

  6. That is too sweet!! And what a gentle little boy, well done, parents!!

  7. Dog Lover says:

    Teach a kid to hug a chicken and you’ve got an animal lover for life. Lucky boy, great parents.

  8. kibblenibble says:

    Chicken says, “I love you, my boy!”

  9. Is this for real?! Oh my goodness! So adorable! I love ANIMALS!

  10. Mamabear says:

    Me and the hubby “dawwwed” out loud, too.

  11. The other chickens called me names! Hug me!